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My name is pretty dang hard to say, so if you can't say it, call me B. Trust me, it's better than being called something kinda-sorta-close-not-really your name.

I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in the Greater New York area. In addition to designing, I like to illustrate and blog about what it's like being a first generation South Asian.

It's taken me awhile to fully embrace my identity: American & Indian, so this is where I'm (hopefully) making up for it. With a keen eye for design, fashion, lifestyle, wedding, and more,  I take cues from the East and the West to create a new style for the next generation. 

Travel is my passion along with photography and food. So be sure to check out my travel posts where you'll find tons of places to see. And if you're vegetarian like me, but don't want to eat sad salads for every meal, don't worry, I have food reccos for you too!