The Sapna Collection by Badal

The Sapna Collection by Badal

classic  •  timeless  •  elegant

Henna inspired, simple & sophisticated South Asian Wedding. A dream come true. 

The goal of this collection was to make a mehndi inspired design that was unlike anything I've seen before. To me that meant it couldn't look like it was taken from shutterstock. And from that, the Sapna Collection was born. The beauty in this collection is all about the details. And what really makes them pop is the absence of color. Say what?! No color?! It's nothing to be scared of. Neutral are classic and timeless. But if you are scared, this collection still works in color (Don't worry, I have your back, moms that are allergic to black). 

When I think of how this collection come to life, I see neutrals and textures. The palette is created by natural elements like linen, stone, brass, wood, and green foliage. Pops of gold and jasmine flowers to add more of a South Asian touch. Neutral hand carved lanterns and wooden panels are a nice way to highlight these beautiful intricate patterns without getting too gaudy.

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