Wedding Bands

I waited too long. Time had run out. We had 2 months until our wedding and I still didn't have a band!  

It was Friday and I had just gotten out of work with little time to go shopping. Jai, who had already gotten his wedding band in India, kept me company as we ran around all of Manhattan and Brooklyn to find the perfect wedding band. In every store we kept hearing the same thing. "The diamond district is closed for the next two weeks". In layman's terms, that meant that if I wanted a band by my wedding day, I had 24 hours. To say the least, I was stressed. This is a pretty huge purchase and not only that, it's something you wear forever. I wasn't quite sure what kind of band I wanted, but these were things I did know:

It had to be thin and dainty. No clunkiness.
I didn't want it to distract from the engagement ring
But I also wanted it to be able to stand on it's own
It must have character and could not feel cookie cutter

I got so lucky when I got a day of appointment scheduled with Satomi Kawakita because I found the perfect one!

Wedding bands that look Indian inspired - by badal
Wedding bands that look Indian inspired - by badal

The imperfections and irregularities made everything feel so much more handmade, which I loved. They come in so many different styles and colors (stone and metal). You can stack them, mix and match them, and they are good to go! AND they also have beautiful engagement rings in case you were wondering ;)

Wedding bands that look Indian inspired - by badal
Wedding bands that look Indian inspired - by badal.jpg

 I wanted to make sure whatever I got was something that was easy and non obtrusive, and I was 99.999% sure I didn't want a band with any diamonds because I didn't want to take away from my engagement ring. Ironically, the ring I loved the most was a lovely little eternity ring (diamonds the whole way around)! Anyways, I'm so glad I went with this. Most days you'll find me wearing only my band because it's easy, comfortable, and I forget that it's even on!

Images via @satomi_kawakita_jewelry