Incredible India

99% of these photos were taken on my last 2 days in Vadodara, a city in Gujarat where my mom grew up. I was particularly drawn to all the color, texture, shape, material, and people. My goal was to capture as much as I could in the little time I had with my camera. 

This travel post in particular is very near and dear to my heart. Born and raised outside of Philly, it's opportunities like these that I'm truly grateful for. Seeing my grandparent's homes, where my parents grew up. Seeing the local ice cream shop my mom went to everyday after school. Seeing the people that inhabit the city now. And seeing where the creativity that is in my blood, that makes up my DNA, truly comes from. I will continue to always be inspired by this place. Although it's taken me over a year to edit all of these, I'm super happy with them. I don't care about old, worn or torn...there are always things that will shine. And here they are. Don't think the timing could've been any better. Happy Holi, and until next time, India <3

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Remember guys, it's 45% your eye (aka composition): 45% your editing style: 10% the camera/lens you use...At least, that's what I say. If you think I just did point & shoot and got these pics straight outta the camera HA HA HA you funny.