Pillow Talk: Spice up Your Living Room

Pillow Talk: Spice up Your Living Room

Pillows are a way I like to add color and warmth to a space. Especially because my living room is predominately neutral. I love pillows because you get to mix and match them all, getting one of each :)  Then when you get tired of them, it's an easy switch out...unlike repainting walls. Hopefully these moodboards I put together will help you figure out your Indian inspired living room.

Mixing & Matching

Pillow Talk by Badal-02.jpg
Chhatwal & Jonsson A Swedish home textiles brand created by Stig Jonsson and Geetali Chhatwal Jonsson that sure knows how to do the mis-matched matched.

Bold & Geometric

Pillow Talk by Badal-08.jpg
I'm obsessed with Leah Singh's handcrafted modern textiles. The color palettes, patterns, and textures are perfect. 

For the love of Tassels & Bhandani

Pillow Talk by Badal-03.jpg
Napeansea, inspired by Bombay and eye candy for me!

Colorful Silks & Embroidery

Pillow Talk by Badal-04.jpg
If you're looking for something a bit more traditional, Jaypore has you covered with quality silks right out of India.

Bright & Graphic

Pillow Talk by Badal-06.jpg
Safomasi's hand crafted homewares are inspired by travels & stories.  

Personally, I'm always want to try and support small businesses or South Asian entrepreneurs who made any sized company from the ground up.  But I get it, sometimes it's hard....when you're stripped for cash or just don't have the means, convenience is king. Here are some options from your local, fast fashion homeware stores. But seriously, consider the alternatives! I listed so many :)

Pillow Talk by Badal-01.jpg
Urban has some Indian inspired pillows that you can easily get your hands on
Pillow Talk by Badal-09.jpg
When all else fails, Anthro will have your back. There's always an option in store.
Pillow Talk by Badal-07.jpg
And if you're looking for simple but colorful, West Elm has some sari fabric pillow covers that'll do the trick.

And when all else fails. Make your own pillow cover! Grab an old sari from your mom and go to town. Sewing a square isn't that bad :)