adara, weddingBadal Patel

adara - Anusha & Bryan

adara, weddingBadal Patel
adara - Anusha & Bryan
Saturday Reception-205-X3.jpg

Anusha & Bryan


Working with Anusha was a dream. She was so sweet and kind. She knew what she wanted and she knew she could trust me with what I do best. I can’t ask for much more than that! I designed a few different inserts for their multi-day events including a mendhi ceremony, vow ceremony, hindu ceremony, and reception for the multicultural wedding. But here’s a just a glimpse from their beautiful garden reception!

Saturday Reception-301-X3.jpg
Saturday Reception-189-X3.jpg
Saturday Reception-211-X3.jpg

Photography: Amie Schroeder @amieschroederphotography
Stationery: Badal Patel @adara_paper
Planner: Natalie Diener @nataliedienerwed
Florals: Vault + Vine
Hair and Makeup: Jessica Saint @jessicasaintbridal
Cake: Nutmeg Cake Design @nutmegcakedesign
Venue: Fairmount Park Horticulture Center
Events: @byconstellation