Bombay Beauty Loft

Bombay Beauty Loft


Visual Identity

Bombay Beauty Loft (BBL) is a beauty salon that takes practices from the East and combines it with modern techniques of the West. This crossover of cultures can also be seen during the little-known, yet influential, era of Bombay Deco. During the 1940's, Western architecture and aesthetics were brought to the city, creating a time of glamour and opulence.

This parallel, along with elements of design and architecture served as inspiration for BBL’s branding. Playful typography and use of geometric shapes keeps the brand looking modern and fresh. I also wanted to make use of the double meaning of BBL (Be Back Later) on the appointment and gift cards to create a playful element of brand discovery.



As sole designer across every touchpoint, my role was to develop a strategy and design concepts to build a cohesive and compelling visual brand story.