Badal Patel
Badal Patel

Lip Gloss be Good Enough to Eat

Lip Gloss be Good Enough to Eat

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If only they had these flavors of Lip Smacker growing up:
Gulab Jammin'  |  Falooda Fizz  |  Juicy Jalebi

- Measures 8x8 in
- Digitally printed on 100lb heavyweight paper
- Full bleed. No border

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Please note that on occasion packages do get lost in the mail. Although Badal would love to get to a point where she can offer more shipping options and benefits, right now, she is a very small business and cannot be responsible for what happens once your package is in the hands of the USPS. Lost packages will not reimbursed. If you are concerned about lost mail and shipping, select the upgrade shipping option to ‘2-Day Priority With Tracking USPS’!

Badal is a one woman business and your patience is greatly appreciated!

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