The Kitty Party

The Kitty Party

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This is the Kitty Party. A group of 4 South Asian bad ass women, each with their own style, charm, and wit: Slay all day, Sari not Sorry, Chani Mani, and Come on & Jhum. Each of these lovely ladies represent different types of women that are strong and confident in their own skin.

-Bundle Pack prints in 2 options:  

1. Paper
- Each print measures 8x8 in
-Digitally printed on 100lb heavyweight paper
- Full bleed. No border

2. Canvas

-Each canvas measures 16x1.5x16 in
-Art wraps around the edges to the back

* Processing & Shipping Orders takes around 2-3 weeks ! *
Badal is a one wo-man business and your patience is greatly appreciated!

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